The Cyclades are a jewel in the Mediterranean sea. I have visited seven and loved each of them.


Mykonos beaches

Hippie Fish Mykonos
Scorpios Mykonos
Lia Beach Mykonos

Mykonos used to be a paradise. In the  past few years, I must admit it has become really expensive and the crowd has changed for the worst, but it is still a wonderful island with everything you wish for: turquoise blue waters, some quiet beaches, perfect weather, great food and all the fun you want, if you want it.

My favourite beaches are Hippie Fish, Kalafati and Lia. Hippie Fish is the most vibrant with a great restaurant, sunloungers and beautiful sea. Kalafati also offers a great restaurant and is a bit more busy with families. Lia is the most quiet and adult one, with cristal clear water and an exquisite restaurant / shop / showers at the back of the beach. 

Alemagou, north of the island is great for its sunset parties. The comfort and quality of swimming is not as good as the southern beaches. 

For hipsters the new Scorpios beach is quite stunning with wooden hippie chic design and a restaurant offering a great menu of tasty and refined greek food.

For lunch only, go to Spilia, a grotto restaurant and Kiki's Tavern north of the island for simple Greek food and relaxed trendy ambiance (go early and be ready to queue).

Mykonos To Do's

Mykonos windmills
Scorpios Mykonos
Alemagou Mykonos
Mykonos old port

My friends and I like to return to the same hotel each year where we are welcomed as friends. The Rochari (very gay friendly) has a beautiful pool with amazing views on Mykonos town especially at sunset.

Head to the beach around 11am (it's always better to book your sun loungers and lunch the day before) and enjoy the most relaxing time until 7pm.

Aperitif is usually taken in La Petite Venise area with sunset right in front of you and feet in the water. The iconic Caprice Bar unfortunately closed in 2015 and relocated a few steps away as a less charming bar/resto. You can also enjoy aperitif on the beach either at Alemagou or the one you spent the day at.

Dinner does not take place before 10.30pm or 11pm. Sea Satin is the spot of Mykonos with outdoor seating by the sea, under the windmills, expensive grilled fish and dancing on the tables. 

Interni and Uno Con Carne are also good options for upscale food and beautiful crowds.

But I also enjoy a good and cheap giro (the Greek version of khebab). 

For drinks and partying, go to Caprice Bar or Guzel on the old port.

Other Cycladic islands

Milos island Greece
Folegandros island Greece
Sarakinikos Milos
Amorgos island Greece
Amorgos Monastery of Hozoviotissa
Santorini Oia

The Cyclades islands are truly one of the best summer destinations in the world. Here are my favourite ones, apart from Sifnos and Mykonos.


Milos for long white sandy beaches with turquoise waters.

Folegandros for great views from the cliffs and relaxed town life.

Santorini for the unique views over the caldera.

Amorgos for unique landscapes and remote





Mykonos beaches 

Hippie Fish /  Lia / Kalafati / Alemagou / Scorpios / Spilia / Kiki's Tavern

Mykonos To Do's

Rochari hotel / Caprice Bar / Sea Satin / Interni / Uno Con Carne / Little Venice sunset / Parties at Alemagou / Eat a Giro 

Other islands 

Milos / Amorgos / Folegandros / Santorini


Ferry boats can be very flaky so make sure you plan your trips carefully to catch your flight back.

The Greeks are lovely hosts and their food is delicious.

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